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Children's Confessional

posted Sep 9, 2016, 8:01 AM by Kansas City Armenian Church
Dear Friends and Readers,
We continue our effort of providing information to families regarding the faith teachings of the Armenian Church through the WELCOME TO THE ARMENIAN CHURCH information packet.   As stated these materials are intended to be a resource for families that pertain to our Christian faith and our Armenian Church. 
This week’s offering is entitled The Order of Confession for Children.
At the time prior to receiving Holy Communion a general form of confession is recited with the faithful replying, “I have sinned against God.”  The language while quite adequate for adults leaves children totally unaware of what is being said, unaware of their responsibility in offering their  own confessional.  The wording contained here is designed for children to have an understanding of those words while remaining true to the original translation.
Parents are encouraged to go over the wording with their children before they are to receive Holy Communion in order to make the experience more meaningful.  Have them read this quietly while the adult version is being offered during Badarak.  Or perhaps you may speak with your pastor to see if he will allow the children to read it as a group when they approach the chalice. 
If you find this information useful, by all means use it, re-print it, or share it with whomever you wish.  If the material does not pertain to you or interest you, simply hit delete. No harm – no foul.    
As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Be well always,
Der Tateos