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re: On the Orlando Massacre

posted Jun 17, 2016, 1:46 PM by Kansas City Armenian Church
re:  On the Orlando Massacre

Awaking on Sunday—the Lord’s Day—one does not expect to be immediately struck with horror. But that is what happened this week, as the world learned of the dreadful mass killing of the night before, in Orlando, Florida.
The spectacle of death, in what is evidently the worst mass killing in modern American history, is almost too much to bear. Yet Armenians can appreciate, from our own history, that there is a deeper truth obscured beneath the abstract statistics about the dead: a profound realization that each of those who fell is a precious human soul, connected to loved ones who are now suffering the deepest pain and grief. We reach out with prayer in the midst of such suffering.
The frequency of these fatal episodes is especially demoralizing. That the world is a disordered place should not come as news to us, either as Armenians or as Christians. Yet one cannot shake the feeling that these mass killings, and the routinely ineffectual reaction to them, say something deeply troubling about our society.
As Christians we hold firm to the belief that our risen Lord knows the sufferings of his children, and will vindicate them on the day of his kingdom, when he will “wipe away every tear” (Rev. 21). Until then, we ask for his mercy upon the world and on us, in the timeless sharagan of our Sourp Badarak:
“Lord, have mercy. All-holy Trinity, grant peace to the world. Bring healing to the sick, and thy kingdom to those at rest. Have mercy on us Jesus, our Savior. Through the holy, immortal, life-giving sacrifice, O Lord, receive and have mercy.”
With prayers,

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian