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The Lenten Bible Study - Week 4

posted Mar 2, 2016, 5:40 PM by Kansas City Armenian Church
Joy on this day to you all,
We have come to the Mid-Point of our Lenten Journey.  In Armenian it is called Meecheenk.   It is both an indictor and a reminder of where we are on our Lenten journey.
Remember that Great Lent teaches us to simplify our daily lives: to develop and deepen our faith with prayer and Bible readings; to practice Christian disciplines of love and charity; and to engage in a sacrificial life for our neighbor. Lent can make a profound difference in your life.
The Wednesday Bible Studies are sent with the hope that based upon the passage, you will come closer to understanding your true self and your need for God’s presence in your lives.
Here are the two suggested passages for today.  You may choose one or both.  Be courageous.  Give yourself some time to realize what the words are saying to you.
Der Tateos