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The Lenten Bible Study - Week Two

posted Feb 19, 2016, 9:49 AM by Kansas City Armenian Church

The Lenten Bible Study - Week Two
Dear Friends,
The 40 days of Great Lent can help us as Armenian Christians prepare spiritually for the central moment of the Christian year: The Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  It is the day we call Easter Sunday.
For many, the season of Great Lent is looked upon as one of solemn sadness.   It is often seen as a litany of don’ts – don’t eat this, don’t do that - rather than the understanding that there is a joyfulness that we are to encounter in the season that will help us prepare for the glory of Easter. 
Great Lent teaches us to simplify our daily lives: to develop and deepen our faith with prayer and Bible readings; to practice Christian disciplines of love and charity; and to engage in a sacrificial life for our neighbor. Lent can make a profound difference in your life.
The lifestyles of too many of us are entrenched in a robotic rhythm that has us wandering in circles rather than toward a destination.  Great Lent is that journey that, if traveled sincerely, will lead us to the warmth and embracing love of the Risen Lord.
Each Wednesday during the Lenten Season, we will send out two suggested readings from Scripture, accompanied by a simple activity asking you to answer within your hearts questions based upon the passage.
Here are the two suggested passages for today.  You may choose one or both.  Be courageous.  Give yourself some time to realize what the words are saying to you.
Der Tateos