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The Prayer of St. Gregory of Narek

posted Nov 10, 2015, 7:13 AM by Kansas City Armenian Church

Dear Friends and Readers of our Newsletters,
You may have either read or seen on YouTube, the Blessing of Muron Ceremony that took place in Holy Etchmiadzin on September 27 of this year.  (you can go to www.armenianchurch.org which is the site of Holy Etchmiadzin and view the ceremony )  During this beautiful and meaningful ceremony, the Catholicos of All Armenian, His Holiness Karekin II declared that this Muron shall be know as the Muron of the Holy Martyrs. 
In attendance for this ceremony were the Primates from around the world, including our Primate, His Eminence, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, each Primate was presented with an adequate supply of the Holy Muron to be taken back to their respective Dioceses, and for them to distribute it to the Pastors of each parish.
This Thursday, the Pastors of our Diocese have been called to St. Vartan Cathedral for the celebration of our Holy Badarak and to receive from the hand of the Diocesan Primate, a portion of the newly blessed Holy Muron.
A thousand years ago St. Gregory of Narek (951-1003) set out, with much trepidation, on a sublime mission to translate the pure sighs of the "broken and contrite" heart1 into an offering of words pleasing to God. Beginning each prayer with the incantation "speaking with God from the depths of the heart," he referred to himself as "a living book (Prayer 39b)" and to his book as a compendium of prayers for all times and nations2 - "a testament... its letters like my body, its message like my soul (Prayer 54e)."
Prayer 93 is a Prayer of Instruction on the Holy Chrism, the light-giving oil of consecration.  
Book of Narek, Translated by Tom Samuelian. 
(www.stgregoryof narek.am)
As we continue our commemorations each day this week for five days, the Prayer of Instruction of the Holy Muron, consisting of 24 stanzas, written by St. Gregory of Narek, will be sent to our readers.  It is hoped that through his words of deep faith, our faithful will be able to understand the significance of Holy Muron in their lives and in the life of our Armenian Church. 
Today sections A to E.
My sincere thanks to the Rev. George Donigian for reminding of this treasure of our church.
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